About Us – Boutique Zandu


About Us

Zandu is a marketplace featuring brands from the African continent and the African diaspora. Our mission is to facilitate accessing and discovering Africans and Afro- diasporics creators in fashion, arts and design online and offline.

Zandu means marketplace in Kikongo, a Bantu language spoken in Central Africa. Just like great marketplaces on the African continent, Zandu aspires to be a one stop shop for everything African and Afrodiasporic.


 Our Pop Up Shops

Zandu’s pop up shop are the perfect opportunity to touch, and feels the brands that you know online but rarely get to experience in the physical world. We bring our carefully chosen selection of product to you in a classy yet cozy ambiance. You may get to meet some of the designer in person or simply enjoy an amazing shopping experience. Be sure to follow us to know when and where our next pop up will be.